Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in Clifton is Reopening June 22nd!

moxie clifton reopening june 22

We are blown away to announce that Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in Clifton will be reopening June 22nd! We cannot wait to see you all after such a long time away. Each one of you was dearly missed, and we are eager to catch up on your life.

We will be open our normal hours, 7 days per week, however you can only reach us during these hours, until we’re fully open on June 22nd. 7 days per week, 9am – 6pm.

We anticipate a lot of questions in the coming days and weeks before we open, so we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to with regards to reopening. Please reach out to our team with any questions you may have, and call us today to book your appointment!


  • As a family-owned company, we care about each of our employees and our clients. Putting safety first in everything we do, you can expect Moxie Clifton to follow all CDC guidelines and procedures.
  • In order to keep social distancing intact, we will be limiting the number of clients in our salon at one time, which means there will be a smaller number of appointments each day. We promise to get you in as soon as we can, so call now to reserve a time.
  • Walk-ins will not be allowed.
  • We will be open our normal hours, 7 days per week beginning June 22nd.
  • Personal protective equipment will be worn at all times by our staff. This safety procedure will help protect everyone. Disposable gloves will be worn with your salon service and then discarded after each client. Aprons will be disinfected after each client, face masks or guards will be worn, and goggles will be worn if necessary.
  • Makeup services will be discontinued at this time.
  • Some more personal salon services and food selections will be unavailable as well.


At Moxie Clifton, we understand that you’ve come to expect our signature Get Moxified salon services. You can rest assured that they are alive and well and blooming elegantly. Despite fewer people in our salon, you’ll still experience a pampering atmosphere, complete with complimentary coffee, free WiFi, and a hospitality and consultation bar. You’ll also find friends, conversation, and fun while you’re here.


Moxie Keratin Hair Line

Here at Moxie Clifton, we try to offer salon services for our clients to get a feel of how a certain style or color will look before committing. This service gives you a taste of a full Keratin treatment in order to see how your hair will look without fully committing. This hair treatment is also great for touch-ups in-between your full Moxie Keratin Treatments. Get Moxified!

Base with Full or Partial Highlights

Many of our clients love this salon service. A base with a full or a partial highlight applies a solid “base” color to your roots to either cover up the grey or give it more dimension, and then a partial or full highlight is done on the sides and the area in the middle of your head. This is a wonderful service for those looking to cover your grey. Call now!

Color Correction

For the most part, a color correction is done when you’ve received a color that went wrong, either at a salon or from a box at home. However, it could also be a color that you tried, and in the end, you just didn’t like. Our fabulous stylists can help you fix your color. Call today!

Give us a call to book your appointment! We’re available 7 days per week, 9am – 6pm to book your appointment over the phone.


We all need an escape every now and then from our lives, and while it may not be possible to escape overseas and disappear for a while, you can escape for a few precious hours at Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in Clifton. Our expert stylists not only offer the best salon services, but they also love to chat. You can expect great conversation, great coffee and snacks, and some much needed alone time to recoup from the times we live in. You’ll leave our salon with a spring in your step and a salon service you’re excited about. Call Moxie Clifton today, and Get Moxified!