About Moxie Franchising

Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® was Founded by twin sisters, Jenn and Jamie Dunn who refer to themselves as the “Moxie Twins”— a nod to their enthusiasm and determination for providing high quality hair care. Starting at a young age, the Moxie Twins attended Parisian Beauty Academy in New Jersey while in high school, eager to begin a career in beauty upon graduation. Both twins have worked in some of the top salons in the New York tri-state area prior to opening their first business called Moxie Salon, followed by Moxie Blowdry & Beauty Bar and and then Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®.

Infusing their vision for a salon that offers exceptional hair care services at affordable prices, Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® became a quickly growing brand that caught the attention of women and men across the NJ tri-state area. After perfecting the operations and cultivating the brand, the twins, working with their uncle Victor Olivetti, decided to offer Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® as a franchise opportunity to motivated individuals looking to own a business.




Since the original Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® has been established as a successful business, your job will be to keep all your clients coming back to meet their hair care needs as well as attract new clients through the use of marketing and advertising.

Local Marketing
It all begins with us working with our media sources to plan a calendar of marketing leading up to opening day, your Grand Opening and the entire year after you open.
National Advertising
Throughout the process you’ll be involved as a franchisee and we’ll communicate and layout all marketing plans for the Brand. Although location is important, other forms of advertising that are used are digital display, print, social media, promotional materials and storefront signage.

Why Stylists Love Moxie

Our support system and training for your staff are designed to help them provide trend-right services in their communities, which makes customers happy and gives owners greater opportunities for success.

Our Environment
We’ve created a very collaborative team business model. Stylists don’t worry about simply building “their” book of clients. They refer clients to each other and make it all about the client’s needs and Moxie Salon experience.
Team Based
With our team-based business model, staff are paid hourly or salary. They love the steady income and tips!

Real Estate

Strategically selecting the location to build your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise will play a key role in the success of the business.

Location, Location, Location!
We and our National Real Estate Broker will assist you in finding the perfect space for your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® based on the type of area, local demographics, surrounding businesses, visibility and level of traffic, amongst other factors. We will guide you through the process of making an offer to lease space and a review of the lease.
Build my Moxie!
Our design team will work with you on the build of your salon to replicate the layout and design of the original Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®. You will receive assistance with all pre-opening tasks, including checklists and prototypical blueprints to help prepare you during the construction phase and then onto your big launch!

The Path to Owning a Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar

It’s no surprise that opening a Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® takes time and work. That’s why we provide you with a talented support team and a highly efficient opening process. On average, it could take six to eight months from the time you begin your journey until the day you open your doors. Below is an outline of the various steps you will encounter along the way.

Step 1: Complete Your Franchise Application
Start the process today by submitting a completed Moxie franchise application via our online link. A representative will review and respond to your submitted application and send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
Step 2: Receive a Franchise Disclosure Document
Once you submit an application, a Moxie representative will review and respond to you directly and send over our Franchise Disclosure Document. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) explains the Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise in detail and includes a sample franchise agreement. After we receive your signed acknowledgement receipt of the FDD, you can begin the discovery process of owning your own Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®
Step 3: Attend a Discovery Day
You will be invited to a Discovery Day, where you’ll meet the founders and Moxie’s corporate team.

Learn how it all started, the direction the Brand is going and ask questions to become better informed.
Step 4: Due Diligence and Sign Your Franchise Agreement
Moxie’s Franchise Development team will assist you with the research and further learning opportunities needed when making this type of commitment. Conversations with your designated Moxie representative will be essential to your franchise due diligence. Validation calls to franchisees and visiting existing Moxie Salons will also be beneficial.

Upon mutual approval to move forward as a new franchise owner, you will need to give us a non-refundable initial Franchise Fee of *$39,000.00 at the signing of the Franchise Agreement.
Step 5: Secure Your Moxie Franchise Location
Finding a premier location for your business is essential. With help from a Moxie Representative, an authorized broker or your designated regional Moxie representative, we provide assistance in finding and selecting a great location for your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®. We are with you every step of the way!
Step 6: Building & Outfit of Your Moxie
With the help of your designated Moxie design representative, the build-out process begins, including site plans and design specifications. Moxie has worked with industry leaders to design your Salon ensuring that each location matches the established brand identity. Your designated Moxie representative will help you with your official construction documents, including mechanical, plumbing and electric plans, as well as assist with vetting a General Contractor, an Architect and any build-out/design questions you may have.
Step 7: Training & Establishing a Marketing Plan
You will attend classroom and practical training at our Corporate Headquarters and at a designated Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar.

Each Franchisee pays into a fund for our National Advertising and a local Advertising fund. The local fund is specific to your Moxie Salon location. We will create an Advertising program for the period commencing one month before opening and continuing for 11 months after opening. During that time you will have a Grand Opening. The Grand Opening fee is collected when you sign a lease and is used with the local advertising fund to pay for the first year’s local marketing. Each year we will create a 12 month local advertising calendar.
Step 7: Open Your Moxie!
*$39,000.00 initial Franchise Fee is for one franchise unit. Multi-unit deals are available at a discount

Rooted in Franchise Development

Michael Sarao

President/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sarao joined Moxie BBB Franchising, LLC as Chief Operating Officer in June 2016 and was also President and Director of Franchising in 2016-2017. Currently, Mr. Sarao serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Moxie, Mr. Sarao was the President and CEO of LAMM Associates, Inc., the Area Representative of the Blimpie Subs & Salads franchise system for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and upper Manhattan, NY. Additional franchise brand experience includes Ranch One, Surf City Squeeze Smoothies, Samurai Sam’s, Wingtime, Inc., WOW Café & Wingery and Wow American Eats restaurants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Until 2018, Mr. Sarao served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Area Developers Advisory Committee of the Blimpie Subs & Salads franchise system, and is a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of their National Franchisee Advisory Council.

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Jamie Dunn

Co-Founder/Vice President and Director of Operations and Training

Ms. Dunn is one of the Moxie co-founders and has been our Vice President and Director of Operations and Training since January 2021. Previously, Ms. Dunn served as Vice President and Director of Marketing for the Moxie brand. Ms. Dunn, as a principal, established the first Moxie Salon in Ridgewood, New Jersey in March 2013.

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Jennifer Patterson

Co-Founder/Vice President and Director of Marketing

Ms. Patterson (née Jennifer Dunn) is one of the Moxie co-founders and has been our Vice President and Director of Marketing since January 2021. Ms. Patterson previously served as our Vice President and Director of Operations and Training as well as our Director of Salon Operations. Ms. Patterson, as a principal, established the first Moxie Salon in Ridgewood, New Jersey in March 2013.

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Victor Oliveti

Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer/Director of Design and Construction

Mr. Oliveti is one of the Moxie co-founders and has been our Chief Operating Officer since April 2017 and our Director of Design and Construction since January 2014. Mr. Oliveti previously served as our Vice President. He is the principal of the Affiliate-owned Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar in Montclair, New Jersey. Mr. Oliveti is also the owner of J & V Quality Construction, LLC in Saddlebrook, New Jersey.

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Jovani Simpson

Corporate Finance Manager

Ms. Simpson has been Moxie’s Corporate Finance Manager since January 2023. Prior to that time, Ms. Simpson served as our Corporate Office Administrator from December 2015 to December 2022. Previously, Ms. Simpson served in Montclair University’s Division of Information Technology, first in the Technology Solutions Services Department and later in the Enterprise Technology Services Department.

Britney Tomasella

Corporate Marketing Executive

Ms. Tomasella has served as our Corporate Marketing Executive since December 2022 in Montclair, New Jersey. Prior to joining Moxie, Ms. Tomasella served as a Social Media Marketing Intern for Today’s Business in Parsippany, New Jersey.

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How much does a Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise cost?
The total investment ranges from $156,400.00 to $445,000.00, including franchise fee and working capital.
How long is a franchise agreement?
We offer 10-year renewable franchising agreements.
How can I get a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document?
If you fill out the form below, a member of our franchise development staff will be in touch with you quickly for an initial conversation. You will be asked to fill out a Confidential Application and we will respond with a copy of the FDD.
How long does it take to open?
On average, from the time you sign a franchise agreement to the time you open is 26 weeks.
What is the best location for a Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®?
Because we offer appointments and honor walk-ins, our salons work in all high traffic areas, like shopping centers anchored by big-box retailers and grocery stores, vibrant downtowns and major shopping malls.
Where can I open my Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®?
We’re currently only awarding franchises in the United States.
Do I need to have salon experience before opening a Moxie Salon?
No. We’re looking for experienced entrepreneurs and managers who understand how businesses work. We provide an easy-to-operate, scalable investment. You’ll hire others who have the experience and licenses, where necessary, in haircare ; all you need to do is handle the business side of things.
What are the financial qualifications to become a franchisee?
We are seeking someone with a minimum net worth of $750,000.00 and at least $150,000.00 in liquid capital.

Where will you open your Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar?

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