Unleash Your Blonde Ambitions

Unleash Your Blonde Ambitions

Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones” didn’t just have dragons on her side — her iconic blonde locks alone could stop an army in its tracks. And whether you’re looking to channel your inner Khaleesi or just lighten your tresses a shade or two, the Moxie Glam Squad is ready to help. From ash to caramel to platinum, honey, silver and any blonde in between, Moxie’s expert colorists have done it all — and can make your blonde ambitions come true.


Ease into blonde with ombre and balayage. Both techniques create a smooth transition from darker roots to lighter ends. Ombre usually creates a more defined and noticeable contrast between dark and light sections, while balayage is a freehand hair painting technique that results in a more natural, sun-kissed look. Both are convenient approaches if you don’t want the hassle of frequent touch-ups, and they give you the best of both worlds with a blend of blonde and richer tones for a gorgeous, multidimensional look.


Lighten up with highlights and babylights. Highlights and babylights are great options for those seeking a natural, sunlit effect. The key difference between them lies in the size of hair sections the dye is applied to, with highlights using larger sections and babylights using smaller ones but more of them. If you want to add high-impact dimension to your hair, highlights are the way to go. Babylights, on the other hand, create a soft, subtle appearance. Both can give fine hair the illusion of more thickness. Based on your hair type and goals, the professional colorists at Moxie can recommend the right approach for you.


Dial in the drama with single- and double-process color. Single- and double-process color treatments are ideal for achieving more dramatic blonde looks. Single-process may be appropriate for hair that’s already lighter, but double-process with bleaching and toning steps may be necessary for more dramatic transformations. However you choose to go boldly into blonde, the Moxie Glam Squad is ready to get you there in style!


Keep it real with touch-ups. Maintaining consistent hair color is important for achieving a polished blonde look, which is why roots and touch-ups are crucial services for keeping blonded hair looking its best. Moxie’s expert colorists can recommend a touch-up schedule based on your individual hair growth and maintenance needs.


Boost your hair health. With any coloring or processing technique, keeping hair healthy is a top priority for our hair artists. Your Moxie colorist will make recommendations based on your hair’s texture, color history and condition to help you achieve your blonde ambition while minimizing the risk of damage. They can also provide product and styling recommendations to keep your locks in tip top shape between appointments.


Whether your goal is total world domination or just a fresh new summer look for your beachy vacation, the Moxie Glam Squad is standing by to help you figure out for yourself whether blondes truly have more fun (we won’t tell!). Moxie isn’t just a salon — it’s a transformative experience. Get Moxified — and unleash your inner blonde bombshell, no matter your current hair color.