Running day-to-day operations at a Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise is simple with our streamlined model. We’ve developed a comprehensive operations manual, stylist manual, management manual and marketing manual that will be the best reference and training tools for you to utilize. Our system is built around us offering specific services that have been perfected to achieve a result better than the competition can provide creating brand loyalty which will equal a steady stream of customers for your franchise. We not only cater to a specific market of women and men seeking consistent blowouts, but as mentioned we offer a menu of additional beauty services to complete the look, including sunless tanning, cut, color, hair extensions and makeup application. Even with this full service menu, there are few tools and materials necessary for running the business and your entire salon space will be used for generating profit. Once your staff has been trained, your presence at the location can, if you desire, be kept to a minimum, allowing you to focus on drawing more customers into the salon as well as potentially establishing more locations.


Strategically selecting the location to build your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise will play a key role in the success of the business. We will assist you in finding the perfect space for your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® based on the type of area, local demographics, surrounding businesses, visibility and level of traffic, amongst other factors. Our design team will work with you to build your salon to replicate the layout and design of the original Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®. You will receive assistance with all pre-opening tasks, including checklists and prototypical blueprints to help prepare you during the construction phase and then onto your big launch!


Since the original Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® has already been established as a successful business, your job will be to keep all your customers coming back to meet their hair care needs as well as attract new customers through the use of marketing and advertising. This all begins with us working with our media sources to plan a calendar of marketing leading up to opening day, your Grand Opening and the entire year after you open. Throughout the process you’ll be involved as a franchisee is our franchisee meetings where we discuss and layout all marketing plans for the Brand. Although location is important, other forms of advertising that are used are digital display, print, social media, promotional materials and storefront signage.


At Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®, preparing you for the road ahead as a franchisee is our top priority. Prior to opening, we offer training in various areas including Moxie brand standards, guidelines, promotions and management; new business implementation; as well as technology and our exclusive Moxie stylist training, which includes online video exams.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can count on us to provide continued support all the way. Our support system and training for franchisees are designed to provide trend-right services in their communities, which makes customers happy and gives owners greater opportunities for success.

We will be in direct contact with you to inform you of upcoming promotions and pay you quarterly visits to discuss sales goals, franchise performance and areas and methods for improvement. With our guidance and your newly acquired business sense, you will be able to hire and train hair stylists and managers to assist you in the operation of your Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar® franchise.